• Romantic getaway in the rolling hills

Valid through the end of September, Monday and Tuesday excluded

Reservations are requested at least 15 days in advance and based on availability.

It is well known that Camillo Benso Count of Cavour was an enterprising and delightful man. He
was indeed surrounded by a halo of freedom and romanticism. After all, how could one help falling in love among these hills?

During this exclusive gastronomic experience, you will have the chance to relax in ourmansion,
surrounded by a fascinating and familiar environment.

430,00 per night 

The package includes:

- One-night stay in our Suite with whirlpool tub and terrace overlooking the garden and the
Langhe x 2 p.

- Visit to the Museum of the Castle (guided tours are available on request)

- Aperitif offered by Chef Marc Lanteri

- Lunch or dinner at Restaurant “Al Castello” of Chef Marc Lanteri (1Michelin Star) with the special Menù "Border Cuisine" in private room with the overlooking the Langhe.

Truffle and drinks not included.

Optional: The Count’s game = during your dinner, let the sommelier blindfold you, taste
our wines and guess their names! (this extra option is available on request)

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