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About 20 years ago, the Stroppiana family began work on the restoration of an old manor house dating from the late 1800s, where General Pavesi, officer of the Vittorio Emanuele II cavalry, lived with his family.

The Hotel "Casa Pavesi" is located in the Langhe, near the Castle of Grinzane Cavour "the heart of UNESCO".

The restoration work has made all the spaces used historically accessible and functional, keeping to the original materials as much as possible.
Where there was once the stable today there is the reception area and the bar, the current place dedicated to tasting was obtained from the old cellar where the wine was kept and the salami was seasoned.

On the first floor, where there were two living rooms and a kitchen, today there are 6 rooms.
Three other rooms were created on the second floor where there were the family rooms, in particular a suite was created in the main one. Another suite has been converted from a former service area.

The current garden was at that time the family vegetable garden. The old well is situated here and is closed, at that time the house was one of few in the area that had this feature.

The Hotel is managed by Paola, Barbara and Beatrice, the perfect feminine touch that makes this structure charming, elegant and refined.